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Black Lotus Pendant. Long Necklace for Women. Vintage, Wooden Necklace. Sandal Wood Big Pendant Jewelry. Faux Leather Rope Gift to Her.

Meaning of Lotus Flower :


Some people with the lotus as their birth flower have high self-awareness, confidence, and worth. They know what they want and how to value themselves.
Once you have hurt them, you may never get a second chance to speak to them again.

A Rise From The Pain

Just like the flower itself rising and floating on the water, the lotus also symbolizes the spirit of a fighter. One must not give up easily when facing difficulties in life.


It is already obvious, isn’t it? With lotus being related to the spiritual realm and used for religious ceremonies, this flower brings enlightenment and divine energy.

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Faux Leather Rope size: up to 80 cm (adjustable)
Big Pendant size: 5x5 cm

Beautiful Vintage and Boho style look. Great decoration Lotus Flower Charm on center and beautiful brown tone Sandal Wood.

Wood Necklaces for Women Black Lotus Pendant. Long, Vintage, Sandal Wood Yoga Pe

$19.90 Regular Price
$14.90Sale Price
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