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Designer, Teacher, Musician

Hi, I'm Tanay. I'm a musician and vocal trainer coach. Making jewelry was one of my hobbies but in time it turns a passion.  

Take a look around. there are necklaces, bracelets, natural stone beads (I love them) I use on my DIY projects. All are of high quality. I'm using them myself and I really enjoy them! I'm pretty sure you will too. 

Don't forget to visit my blog. I'm sharing all of my knowledge and tricks about DIY and some other things you will interest in. 

Wanna see my Etsy Shop Click here


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Our Company

We started our journey as a company in 2021. Our aim is to present our special designs to the world. In addition, to find the most beautiful designs produced all over the world and share them with you.

Our Mission

Touching the lives of women all over the world with our special designs

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